April 9, 2021

“Normality – What is it and can the Financial Markets cope with it?” Michael Taylor, Coldwater Economics

David Osman of the IRF Podcast is joined by Michael Taylor of Coldwater Economics to discuss: ‘Normality – What is it and can the Financial Markets cope with it?'

Michael Taylor founded Coldwater Economics in 2008 following a distinguished career, based mainly in Asia, as a Senior Economist and Head of Equity Research with several leading investment banks including Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank.

Mike concentrates on tracking approximately 500 different data points each month and knows where the world actually is and where it might be going. He is interested in: Return on Capital; Cash Flows; Profits. He issues ‘shocks and surprises’ emails to his clients on a daily basis; one relating to Asia, another to Europe and another to the US. Since June 2020 the world economic data has been surprising people - they have forgotten what normal inflation is. He discusses why he is sceptical of an inflationary breakout, the challenges he foresees over the next six months and why the US continues to surprise. Mike is cautious about equity markets and explains why a nasty surprise could await us as we get back to normality.

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