March 5, 2021

“Fiscal Dominance – What are the Economic Implications of this new US Paradigm” Barry C. Knapp, Ironsides Macroeconomics

David Osman of the IRF Podcast is joined by Barry Knapp, Managing Partner and Head of Macro and Public Policy Strategy at Ironsides Macroeconomics to discuss ‘Fiscal Dominance – What are the Economic Implications of this new US Paradigm.’

Barry has had a long and distinguished career in equity derivatives/principal trading/equity strategy research/unconstrained fixing and investment and macroeconomic and public policy strategy.

With the world economy beginning to emerge from the depths of the global pandemic, investors are increasingly focused on the prospects for a period of reflation. What does this mean for future government policies and how well will the financial market react to the policy risks? Barry feels there are serious implications for the US economy reminiscent of what happened in the early 1960s which led to inflationary spiral. We are now in the early stages of that transition towards a higher inflationary regime. Inflationary impulse is greater than it was back in the Global Financial Crisis. Barry identifies the three tail winds for this year when considering the strength of the economic recovery and talks about the differences between the recovery of 2009/10 and that of 2020/21. He goes on to discuss the potential policy risks that he foresees and explains why he is an advocate of reflation trade.

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