Global Forecaster's David Murrin joins the IRF Podcast to discuss his model for the growth and decline of civilisations - The Five Phase Life Cycle of Empires.

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CEO and Head of Research at PRC Macro, William Hess joins the IRF Podcast to discuss the global implications of policy inside China.

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The latest IRF Podcast features James Lucier, Managing Director at Capital Alpha Partners. James uses his extensive knowledge of D.C. trends and U.S. policy to give an insight into Washington's view of the election and what the consequences of a Biden win or Trump win would be respectively. 

Michael Belkin uses his acclaimed proprietary forecast model to explain how long-term bond yields will affect the returns and structuring of investment portfolios going forward.

Experienced economist Andrew Hunt explains his process of interacting with policy makers and many of the world's central banks to give a fascinating look into the economic implications of Trump's presidency and the Chinese administration. 

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